Based on the responses of players was designed a questionnaire, which included 35 states (abstract statements about casino). Participants in the study, while online roulette survey, have kept complete anonymity, thus improving the level of objectivity in the responses had to fill out this questionnaire, based on a seven-point system. The results of online roulette popularity survey were as follows: Most players of online casino (87%) were the representatives of the stronger sex. 99% of the respondents were experienced users, who have access to the network for more than three years. The most important factor in choosing the perfect online roulette was information. It confidently lead in the poll, gaining 34% of votes. Consequently, a third of Internet users is guided in choosing the gambling establishment on the basis of the information, provided on the official website. An important in online roulette services was the level of communication with customers. This factor has scored 26%. After all, if the land-based casinos have a lot of ways to involve the client in game, and these methods are based on pure psychology, physiology, for online roulette is the most important quality of customer service, ready to answer any questions, resolve any problem quickly, accurately and efficiently. Pre-disposition (the same personality trait) of a client to trust factor was the least significant and gained only 18% of the vote. This result is forecasted: after all, most of the respondents were experienced and confident players of online roulette. Such people are not based on minute emotions, taking decision. Further findings, that certainly will be useful primarily to owners of Internet casinos and online roulette. Remember that the first place took the information factor. So try to place on the site of online roulette the most comprehensive information, as possible, and how to be more specific about it. Aerobatics can be considered the monthly reports of large auditors about the real policy of online casino and online roulette, up to the amount of accurate payments to win. And do not forget about technical support of online roulette service. Its professionalism and efficiency - your success.